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    Anticipation - pastel 23x26  (NFS) 

   Out of the Blue - acrylic 18X14
     First Impression - pastel  23x33

                      The Blue Jay - pastel  
                             27x23    (NFS)
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           Around the Bend - soft pastels 20x15
I am a soft pastel and acrylic artist with interests in landscape, nature, gardens, people and their surroundings, and ballerinas.

I appreciate the fluidity, transparency, multi-layering, and brilliance of the pastel medium.  The acrylic medium also intrigues me, and I find myself drawn to painting landscapes and abstracts utilizing acrylics.  It is interesting to have the two mediums in my repertoire, both so different, yet so appealing.
Ballerina - pastel 19x16